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Peachtree Audio SONADAC Digital to Analog Converter/Preamp/Headphone Amplifier (High Gloss Black)


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The sonaDAC is three components in one: a reference quality Digital-to-Analog Converter, a balanced line-level preamplifier and a high-performance headphone amplifier. The sonaDAC utilizes the highly regarded ESS 9018 Sabre Reference DAC designed for natural music reproduction and an extremely low noise floor. SonaDAC is also a personal audio listening station with an extremely powerful and noise-free built-in headphone amplifier that makes listening to music through headphones an absolute delight. In addition, the sonaDAC is a balanced line-level control centre that can drive any power amplifier or powered speakers via its XLR or RCA outputs. For a complete Peachtree solution, the sonaDAC can be paired with our sonaAMP for a high-performance, fully-balanced Hi-Fi system that takes up roughly the same space as two hardcover books!

Peachtree Audio iDecco Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Price: $999 At A Glance: Desktop stereo integrated amp, including tube preamp and DAC • Apple-approved digital iPod connection • Jitter reduction We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Like many surround-sound audiophiles, I listen to a lot of twochannel material as well. It’s part retro sacrament, part necessary evil. Although I haven’t turned on my ancient stereo amp and preamp in months—their presence in the rack is mainly symbolic—I regularly run my 5.1-channel system in stereo mode when the nature of the content demands it. I also get a lot of use out of the cheap speakers and chip-amp in my kitchen, not to mention the powered iPod speakers in my bedroom. I use my 2.1-channel desktop rig throughout the day—not only when I’m at my desk, with the inevitable YouTube distractions, but also during the evening, when I curl up with a book. My armchair happens to sit across the room from my desktop system. Because the distance from the speakers is greater than the distance between the speakers—about a 3:1 ratio—this isn’t an ideal setup for stereo imaging. But it’s great for casual listening. I’ve spent some of the happiest hours of my life sitting in that chair, listening to that system.

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