Plug-in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor - 6 Pack


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THE PERFECT BRIGHTNESS- These night light bulbs provide the perfect amount of illumination that you need to walk around the house without turning on your main lights. Not too dim, not too bright, just the right amount for all your needs.AUTOMATIC ILLUMINATION- These dusk to dawn light bulbs are equipped with a built-in smart light sensor. So they automatically turn on when the room is dark enough and turn off when it senses ambient light. Perfect for hallway, kitchen, stairs, living room, bathroom, bedroom, nursery, anywhere you need a guiding lightENERGY & COST EFFICIENT- LED plug-in night lights to cost less than 20cents a year which makes it an incredibly cost-saving and energy-efficient option, providing just the right amount of light to help you sleep. You get to save the environment and your money in one swoop!SUPER COMPACT SIZE- Designed for a modern and minimalist look, these white light bulbs easily fit in small places and does not cover the second outlet, providing you with the most ergonomic design you can possibly expect from your light bulbs.SAVE MONEY- You do not need to replace any bulbs with these night lights so you save even more than you normally would on night lights. Additionally, LEDs are designed to be cost-saving and energy-efficient so you're bound to get the best value for your money.

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