Portable CD Player, HOTT Personal CD Player LCD Display, Compact Anti-Shock Anti-Scratch Skip Protection Memory Feature Small Music CD Player Kids&Adults Support MP3, CD-R, CD-RW (White)


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Description: 1. Student language listening good assistant, learning language is a good helper, clear sound to allow children to better grasp the language words 2. pregnant mother's fetal education machine, away from the radiation of the prenatal education, to adapt to the delicate and delicate fetal hearing, is conducive to training the fetal brain thinking ability 3. enthusiasts of the CD machine, once a CD more than a dozen songs can repeatedly listen to dozens of times, until the lyrics badly in mind, hear not only CD, but also a story. Feature: Model: CD511 Adapters: AC110-220V Output 4.5V current 600MA Power output: 20 MW (32Ohm dual channel) Frequency: 20 Hz Material: ABS Earthquake function: ASP; CD-40S; MP3-120S Digital sound control, EQ control Signal to noise ratio:> = 80db Battery: 3V (2 * 1.5V LR6 / AA) Display: LCD screen Size: 143 * 142 * 25 MM Headphones: 1 * 3.5 MM Play Support CD: CD, MP3 CD CD-R CD-RW music format burn disc Sound effects: flat (no show), forums, pop, jazz, rock, classic Volume control: rotation CD door mechanism: open / close the cover Package includes: 1 x CD player 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Charging Cable

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