Portamate PM-P254 Router Motor


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The Portamate Industrial router motor is an incredible value for the money. You get a powerful 3 ¼ HP motor, variable speeds from 10,000 to 22,000 RPM, and premium NSK shaft bearings, ensuring you’ll use this tool for years, with minimal bit run out. It’ll fit perfectly in many router lifts, and the adjustable speed control is completely sealed for reliability and is able to maintain constant speed while under load. Specifically designed for use with router lifts or CNC machines that use a 4-1/4"-diameter router motor, the additional location pins make this router motor compatible with standard 3-1/4 HP router motor bases as well. You also get two offset socket wrenches, and a one year warranty. In a price for power standpoint, it gets no better than this.

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