Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable (Red)


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Pro-Ject's belt-driven Elemental turntable provides arguably the best value to performance ratio found in the entry-level audiophile industry today. It's stylish and svelte plinth design is mass-loaded with a disc of artificial stone which gives it similar resonance-dampening characteristics as tables twice it's size. The polished stainless steel platter spindle is cradled by a machined bronze bushing with a Teflon base layer to reduce friction and virtually eliminate any bearing rumble. The 8.6" low-mass aluminum tone arm is mounted with an Ortofon OM5E moving magnet cartridge that is pre-aligned and pre-balanced so you can start listening to your collection as soon as possible. The gold-plated RCA plugs and cartridge pins ensure that the audio signal is passed cleanly and without compromise from the record groove to your system and out through your speakers. Available in matte red, white, or silver with black accents, the Elemental turntable from Pro-Ject is the easiest way to plunge into high-end audio and help reveal what has been missing from your vinyl playback.

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