Pro-Ject MaiA Integrated Amplifier


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Pro-Ject Maia (my audiophile integrated amplifier) is a New generation of micro-line integrated Hifi stereo amplifier with huge sound and future-proof technology. We've designed the Maia to provide ultimate input flexibility and leave a minimal footprint all without compromising sound quality, making it the perfect entry-point into the satisfying world of Hifi audio. In addition to multiple analog and digital input options, the Maia also Features Bluetooth connectivity with apt technology for superior quality wireless streaming from your favorite Bluetooth-enabled audio device. Despite its small size, the Maia also produces outstanding tube-like sound from its flying mole amplification stage and functions as a Hi-Res 24bit/192Khz digital to analog converter in addition to being able to manage nine different input sources simultaneously. No matter which input you choose, the high-efficiency bi-phase PWM (Pulse width modulation) amplification stage with low-noise SMD circuitry provides a liquid and lifelike sound presentation reminiscent of high-quality Class-A tube amplifiers. A low-profile IR remote is also included to switch inputs and adjust the volume wirelessly from anywhere in the room. A preamp output and quarter-inch headphone jack provide even more playback options by routing the output signal to either an external power amp or your favorite pair of headphones, while a dedicated subwoofer output allows you to fortify your system with perfect low-end bass response. Its sleek, simple design is modern yet timeless and comes with an attractive CNC-machined aluminum faceplate in either silver or Black. After just one listen, it is clear that the pint-sized Maia integrated amplifier from Pro-Ject provides both breathtaking micro-dynamics and enough room-filling power to easily belie its deceptively small stature.

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