PSB SubSeries 350 Subwoofer (Black)


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The new SubSeries 350 Subwoofer with its 12" woofer offers extensive musicality and high-powered bass impact. The ���green��� and highly efficient discrete MOSFET amplifier uses less energy to produce more power while reducing standby power to an industry low. Its ���smart bass��� limiting circuitry prevents the woofer and amplifier from being overdriven with any input level. The SubSeries 350 features trickle down fit and finish from the SubSeries 450. Its deceptively compact sealed cube design housed in an elegant high gloss black cabinet makes for easy placement in the home. Capable of 300 watts of continuous power and dynamic peaks of 900 watts the SubSeries 350 offers a winning combination of power high impact bass and musicality PSB SubSeries 350 Subwoofer (Black)

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