QFX ANT-15 Indoor Ultra Thin Reversible Antenna, Black/White


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High-Definition Reception! The QFX ANT-15 Indoor Ultra-Thin Reversible Antenna picks up local TV channels broadcast in 1080p and 1080i HD resolution, allowing owners to view digital channels on their HDTVs in stunning detail, vibrant colors, and sharp contrast. QFX leads the market in lifestyle consumer electronics by delivering innovative product designs and exceptional performance to value-conscious consumers without compromise. With three decades at the frontline of quality electronics, QFX stands firm in its commitment to offer the latest in Bluetooth audio, tailgating and DJ speaker systems, LED T.V.s, and many other prosumer multimedia solutions, affording budget-focused families, businesses, and everyone in between, industry-leader quality without breaking the bank. From freshman dorm to alumni tailgate party, from first apartment to family home, QFX has the gear you need at the price you want!

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