Rockville Rock Media Home/Computer Speakers+Subwoofer/Bluetooth/USB/SD/FM+Remote


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The Rockville ROCK MEDIA is a full featured home audio system. It is perfect as computer speakers, bedroom speakers, and bookshelf speakers. Tons of media playback options! : The ROCK MEDIA will connect to any laptop, computer, tablet, phone, MP3 player, TV, or any other device. You can connect your device and wire it to the RCA input or you can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. There are also USB and SD card inputs, so you can play media stored on a memory card or thumb drive. But does it sound good? : Yes! It rocks! The Rock Media has a 4.5” subwoofer that adds more depth to your tunes. It also includes two 3” high range speakers that are crystal clear. Overall this 2.1 Channel system delivers an impressive 100 watts peak output power and 40 watts continuous RMS! Please keep in mind we rate these strictly with true world RMS ratings. If you see speakers this size rated at 500 watts, do not be fooled! Ours are way louder! Another major difference is we use a full wood enclosure which gives you way better sound quality than the plastic speakers you will typically find that sell for less. The enclosure is also ported to give you awesome sounding bass that is perfect for movies, music, and video games. Hottest looking computer speakers on the market? : If there was a beauty pageant for the nicest looking computer speakers on the market; the ROCK MEDIA would take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. These are simply gorgeous. Our designers really out-did themselves on this one! Just look at the pictures. These will make any room in your home, apartment, or office look rich with its gold wooden finish.

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