Rockville RXM104 10" 600 Watt 4 Ohm SPL Car Midrange Mid-Bass Speaker w/Bullet


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You are looking at the best value on the market today for high quality mid speakers. The Rockville RXM104 is a 10" midrange/midbass driver that features 600 watts peak power handling and 300 watts RMS per speaker. These speakers are CEA compliant which means they are tested and rated by the industry standard. They are rated the same way that other premium brands such as Kicker, Rockford, and JBL rate their speakers. You can feel confident when comparing these with other mids on the market or when matching these up with a high quality amplifier. This is very important because some of the cheaper brands on the market write bogus ratings like 2,000 watts on their mids, but they aren't CEA compliant and they won't even handle 5 % of the power they are rated at. Extra care in the design and manufacturing are seen throughout the speaker. We added thoughtful touches, such as prewired capacitor crossovers, which prevent the speakers from blowing easily while increasing the sound quality at higher volume levels. The speakers have large 40 oz. magnets with oversized 2" high temperature CCAW voice coils. The expanded high tinsel steel basket dampens vibration so that all you hear is crystal clear musical response without any external motor or vibration noises. Unlike other brands which produce their speakers by machine, the RXM104 speakers are hand-made individually by technical teams dedicated to perfection and are subject to rigorous quality control standards. The super shallow mounting depth facilitates easy fit in to door installations or in other tight locations. To make these so shallow we had to use a slightly smaller magnet, but our engineers were still able to keep the sound quality and power ratings extremely high!

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