Simrad HH36 Handheld VHF Radio w/ Built-in GPS


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The Simrad HH36 Handheld VHF Radio is a feature-packed, handheld, Class D, DSC marine VHF radio loaded with the latest technology, integrated GPS, loud and clear audio and navigational features. Great for use on any sized boat, for leisure or professional use. Simrad HH36 Handheld VHF Radio Features: Easy to use Large push-to-talk button and soft keys enable use even when wearing gloves Waterproof The HH36 is waterproof to JIS-7 Standard, making it an ideal marine radio for all vessels, including open boats and RIBs Floats The HH36 weighs less than 300g and will float if accidentally dropped overboard Extra Large Display The backlit LCD screen is the largest currently available on any handheld VHF and allows for crystal clear viewing. Class D DSC Increases safety by enabling DSC calling with your boat's MMSI in an emergency Dedicated Channels Dedicated Channel 16 and MOB buttons make the HH36 quick and easy to use in any situation Integrated GPS For instant positioning and planning Dual watch Keep an eye on two channels at the same time Selectable transmit power Choose from 1 or 5 Watts to suit your calling needs Navigation mode See navigational information such as distance to waypoint, bearing etc. 'Get Buddy' feature Transmit your position at the touch of a button NMEA 0183 There is an NMEA 0183 output on the HH36 charging cradle Plotter mode See nearby waypoints at a glance Long battery life Up to 11 hours battery life when used with 1W transmit power (GPS Off), up to 8 hours when used with 5W (GPS Off).

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