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Skar Audio VVX-12v3 D2 600W RMS/1200W Max Dual 2 Ω Subwoofer


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The Skar Audio VVXv3 series 12" subwoofer is raising the bar in terms of power, performance, and reliability just as it's predecessors have done. Featuring years of development, the design of this subwoofer has advancements in cooling design, coil technology, and so much more, which allow it to perform with extreme results. Rated conservatively at 600 watts RMS power and 1,200 watts max power output, this woofer is very conservatively rated. Low end reproduction is both responsive and accurate, and when combined with the high temperature 2.5" voice coil and powerful Y30 magnets utilized in the motor structure, it allows this woofer to reach extreme levels of power output. Also unique in the VVXv3 never seen before from Skar Audio, and a great feature for making installation easier, is the four push terminals all being located on one side of the woofer. The VVXv3 series is setting the standard in what to expect from a high performance daily driver.

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