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SKR120 Resistor Based 150W In-Wall Slider Style Home Theater Speaker Volume Control Switchable Decora Plates - OSD Audio - (White, Ivory, Almond)


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Resister-based volume controls like our VKR120 are often used with multi-channel amplifiers and impedance-matching speaker selectors. This is not an impedance matching volume control and features optimized sound quality with minimal low end roll off due to high permeability steel utilization. The VKR series of transformerless volume controls offers the widest frequency response of any volume control on the market today with virtually no high or low end roll off resulting in audiophile sound quality. Other features include two ounce double-sided G10 glass epoxy PCBs, a non-shorting design utilizing a "make before break" switch which prevents the amplifier from ever seeing a dead short and 12-14 gauge solderless speaker terminals with easy top termination. Every volume control includes a color coded knob and mounting screws. Specifications * 150 watts peak, 75 watts RMS power rating (per channel) * Impedance: 8 ohms * Insertion loss: 0.5dB * True 20Hz–20kHz (–3dB, +0) frequency response * 11 selected volume steps with 36dB of attenuation * Superior sound quality with extended bass response * Screw connects accept 14–20 gauge wire * Includes Decora®--like color-coded insert, metal bracket plate and color coded knob * Fit in single gang box, depth 2.5" * 5-yr warranty

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