SkylinkHome PR-318 Plug-In Light / Lamp Dimmer Electrical Plug Outlet Remote Controllable Switch Receiver Repeater Range Extender for Wireless Home Automation Lighting Appliance Electronics Control


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The SkylinkHome PR-318 Plug-in Outlet Dimmer Receiver with Repeater can extend the signal range of your transmitter throughout your home. Want to exceed the distance between your transmitter and receiver? Try adding a Repeater to extend the signal range of your Skylink HomeControl System. Pair this receiver with up to 8 different SkylinkHome transmitters to control lighting, appliance and electronic devices such as lamps, fans, home electronics, etc. You can also set the dimmer receiver to a countdown timer and have it turn off automatically after 5, 30 or 60 minutes. Advance and upgrade your Skylink Wireless HomeControl System by adding the SkylinkNet Internet hub (Model HU-100 or SkylinkNet Starter Kits SK-150, SK-200, SK-250) to control lighting, small appliances and home electronics from your Smartphone anywhere in the world with the SkylinkNet App. Lifetime Support, Call: 1-800-304-1187, Email:

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