SONY DAC headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES (Japan Import-No Warranty)


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Product description ★ Equipped with newly developed "DA Hybrid Amplifier", headphone amplifier with built-in DAC corresponding to various headphone terminals such as balanced terminal of the latest standard ◆ Newly developed "DA Hybrid Amplifier" (D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit) is installed ● The distortion (distortion) and digital noise at the time of large output are further reduced by signal correction using the analog circuit, while maintaining the high information amount and high resolution sound quality of the full digital amplifier "S - Master HX". We have newly developed and mounted "DA Hybrid Amplifier" which raised the reproducibility of the high resolution sound source to the utmost. ◆ Sony's original full digital amplifier "S-Master HX (TM)" ● "S-Master HX" performs all amplification processes in the digital domain, realizing amplification without signal degradation while being highly efficient. ◆ Supports reproduction of high resolution sound source of DSD 22.4 MHz and PCM 768 kHz / 32 bits at maximum ● Corresponds to the high-resolution sound source of DSD 22.4 MHz and PCM 768 kHz / 32 bit at the maximum for music playback from PC etc. connected to the USB terminal. ◆ Equipped with a rich headphone jack on the front panel such as the latest JEITA unified standard, φ4.4 mm balance terminal etc. ● It corresponds to balance terminal of φ4.4 mm which is the newest unified standard, XLR 4 balance terminal, φ 3.5 mm × 2 balance terminal. Equipped with a rich headphone jack including a φ 3.5 mm stereo mini, φ 6.3 mm stereo standard on the front panel. ◆ Equipped with "DSD Remasteling Engine" ● With Sony's proprietary algorithm, all PCM sound sources are converted to equivalent to DSD 11.2 MHz in real time and played. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge

Sony TA-ZH1ES Headphone Amp/DAC

Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $2,200 AT A GLANCE Plus Solid as a brick build quality Handles ultra-high resolution 768-kHz/32-bit PCM, and DSD native (up to 22.4 MHz) files Variety of single-ended and balanced headphone outputs Minus Not the most transparent sounding headphone amp THE VERDICT The Sony TA-ZH1ES is beautifully designed and built, though it doesn’t quite bring the MDR-Z1R headphone to its full potential. Not content with just launching a new flagship headphone in the MDR-Z1R, Sony simultaneously launched the TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier/DAC; like the MDR-Z1R, it’s intended to be a statement of Sony’s best technology.

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