SoundMAGIC Vento Closed Back Headphone (P55)


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Sound Magic's Vento P55 on-ear headphone represents the next stage in the evolution of the Sound MAGIC brand. Italian for “wind”, the name Vento was chosen by Head Designer, Tony Xu, to express the control the Vento P55 headphone has over moving air. With a two year development period, the Vento is the first Sound MAGIC headphone where every single component is manufactured in-house. The proprietary driver has been developed from the ground up by Sound Magic's team of expert engineers, and tweaked to deliver unrivalled precision and a vastly superior soundstage. Using an ultra-thin copper winding imported specially from Japan, the driver is able to deliver an accuracy and clarity that is normally reserved for high-end audiophile headphones. With a stainless steel headband, aluminum ear cups and soft leather ear pads, the Sound MAGIC Vento is designed to withstand daily use, but comfortable enough for extended listening sessions. The included hard case and travelling pouch offer two options for transporting and storing the Vento P55 headphones.

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