Sylvania Nostalgic 7 in 1 Wooden Turntable: Plays Vinyl, Bluetooth, CD, Cassette, AM/FM Radio, Aux-In, Records to CD


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When you hear the name Sylvania immediately you think of quality built, affordable electronics. Well the folks at Sylvania are at it again! introducing the all New nostalgia, 7 in 1 SRCD844, Bluetooth turntable! records sound different and records sound real and records bring back memories. This Sylvania 7 in 1 is loaded up with Features. Of course it is a turntable but it's also a CD player, AM/FM radio and cassette player and will wirelessly play all your music via Bluetooth. They even provided an aux in for playing audio from another source and a CD recorder for converting those old tracks! the 3 Speed turntable will look good in any room of your home or office. The quality of this piece is evident but wait until you hear it! Sylvania has built in two-high performance dynamic speakers that will Replay your favorite tunes at just the right level. The easy to see LCD display is backlight and easy on the eyes and the included remote control is easy to use. Are you reading what was written? easy to use, quality built, dynamic sound! if you are in the market for a record player (plus more) then this is your turntable. Don't wait, order this up today and get started enjoying the music of your life! all from the makers at Sylvania, the leader in turntables.

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