Tram 1411 Broad Band Discone/Scanner Base Antenna


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Power source: unpowered. Frequency band: UHF and VHF. Antenna material: Stainless steel. Product does not require a battery. Wideband reception covering 25MHz-1,300MHz. Transmit bands: 26MHz/27MHz/46MHz/49MHz/72MHz/144MHz/220MHz/440MHz/900MHz/1,290MHz. Rust-free stainless steel structure. 300W max power or 200W max power for CB. Warranty: 90 days. Silver color. Made in Vietnam. 102 in. L x 44 in. W x 44 in. H. Tram provides premium antenna components that provide functionality and durability of the antenna to deliver quality communication connections you depend on. Each antenna model is carefully planned and developed to ensure great transmission over many uses. The Scanner 25MHz1,300MHz VHF/UHF Super Discone Base Antenna Plus CB Transmit Bands will offer premium service for years to come.

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