TREBLAB X2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


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The TREBLAB X2 wireless Bluetooth headphones offer amazing sound quality, with speakers that contain beryllium - an element found in the core of stars. It means you���ll really feel your music as well as hearing it.At TREBLAB, we���re experts at designing headphones for sportspeople and gym-goers. There���s nothing more motivating than listening to your favorite tunes while you work out, so these headphones come with our IPX4 sweatproof, waterproof technology. That means that they won���t slip out of your ears when you work out hard, and they won���t let you down when you���re running or cycling in the rain. We���ve also made sure that your workout won���t be interrupted by annoying outside noise by adding noise isolation eartips.The TREBLAB X2 headphones great for making and taking calls when you���re working, travelling or driving. You can use SIRI or Android voice control to manage calls, as well as to change the volume or skip tracks on your music.And you don���t need to worry about the TREBLAB X2 letting you down. They���ll give you over five hours of battery life from each charge and come with a handy charging case that will give you another two charges when you���re out and about. They also come with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for a fast, stable connection to your Android or iOS device, Mac or PC. They connect in seconds and never drop out.How secure is the fit? Will they stay in my ears when I work out?The soft rubber finish and secure ear-hooks give these headphones a perfectly snug fit so they won���t fall out, however hard you work out. You can also use the cord clip supplied for extra security.Can I pair the TREBLAB X2 with my TV, iOS or Android device?Yes. Your TREBLAB X2 can be paired with any TV, iOS or Android device via improved Bluetooth 4.2 technology. TREBLAB X2 headphones support multi-device connection and can be paired with any number of Bluetooth-enabled devices.What is the Bluetooth signal range of these headphones?Up to 33ft. That means you can use your earphones wirelessly without having to carry your device with you.Can I use these headphones to make calls?Yes, you can answer calls and talk on the phone with TREBLAB X2. Just touch the *HOME* button when someone���s calling and touch again to hang up.Are they waterproof? Can I swim with them?Yes, you can answer calls and talk on the phone with TREBLAB X2. Just touch the *HOME* button when someone���s calling and touch again to hang up.What is the battery life of these headphones?The TREBLAB X2 wireless headphones have up to five hours of battery life and two more charges from the charging case.

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