XG Blast - Nintendo DS

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Destroy the invading hordes of aliens before they do the same to you!XG Blast is an arcade shooter delivered in a bright and colorful retro style. Players control the spaceship Aknathen which wandered into hostile territory during a secret experimental journey to test the spaceship's capabilities and advanced devices. Utilize the unique powers of your ship as you fight countless squadrons of enemy ships. It is up to you to get your crew back in one piece and save your people from annihilation!Features: Addictive simplistic design with unique retro styling. Multiple weapon types that can be upgraded 4 times for increased potency. Intense battle with multiple enemies that spawn all over the screen including enormous end level bosses. Choice of control methods give easy access to all players. Discovery Mode - Delve into the story of the Aknathen crew with branching paths that extend replay-ability. Survival Mode - Choose a zone that you have conquered in Discovery Mode to earn medals; the longer you survive the more prestigious the award. Multiplayer Modes - Choose from a 2 player co-op mode where you battle against the aliens together or duke it out in a 4 player death-match frag-fest to see who really is the space ace.Format: NINTENDO DS Genre: SHOOTER (VG) Rating: RP Age: 695771802528 UPC: 695771802528 Manufacturer No: DS-2013

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