Zum Maestro USB/Bluetooth Combo Headset + Base. Use as Bluetooth Wireless or a Softphne Headset with Computer via USB


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The ZuM Maestro USB/Bluetooth headset gives you Wireless via your Cell Phone or Softphone with your computer as you need it. The best thing about the Zu?m Maestro USB/BT ComboTM Headset is it's dual use: Softphone using USB for VoIP apps on your PC/Mac computer, and using Bluetooth to pair with your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) or computer (Mac/PC). And if you have a Deskphone with Bluetooth capability, it will even work with that! However you use it, the Base has the connectivity so your headset is always wireless. The comfortable headband wearing style, with extra large leatherette ear pad, is ideal for those spending a lot of time wearing a headset.

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